Sparks is the engineer of the Zirkonian team of aliens armed with smart tools and deadly weapons. Unlike the other three aliens, he is nice and caring, and as such, he is bullied by the other three to the point that he is called a "geek", just like Tom. At dinnertime, he ate the remaining four hot dogs and burped, nearly giving himself away, but Hannah took the blame. He is also called "Snuggle Lump" by the little girl.

Sparks becomes best friends with Hannah after fixing her toys, and after she gave him a band-aid on a cut that he suffered from falling through the ventilation duct onto the bed. He teams up with the Pearsons, and, after helping to defeat Skip, Razor, and Tazer, he calls for the invasion to retreat. He returns to Zirkonia after saying goodbye to the Pearsons. Though Hannah is especially reluctant to let him go, she changes her mind when he shows her a picture of his family. Sparks is voiced by Josh Peck.





20 inches (50.8 cm)


204 Zirkonian Years (21 Earth Years)

Marital Status

Married with three kids


Building and fixing things

Favorite Food

Hot Dogs, four at a time, no mustard

Eye Color


Sparks aliens in the attic

Sparks showing the humans his family