"You have chosen instantaneous death."

Skip is the main antagonist alien of Aliens in the Attic. Skip is the leader of the team and known to be the mean commander, nasty, chubby, and bossy. Tazer gives throws him a rat and Skip eats it and Skip burps loudly and gassy much to Razor's disgust. He abuses Sparks by making him do all the work, repairing things, and calling him names like "nerd". Near the end of the film, Skip is catched by a crow and taken to its nest to be eaten, last is heard of him screaming. He is voiced by J.K. Simmons.


Skip doesn't understand why Razor is disgusted. That was because he burped after eating the rat..

Skip has the biggest belly out of the 4 (now bigger due to eating the rat)

Skip is also known to have little manners. Like how he pushes his comrades out of his way. As well as gas. When Tazer throws a rat at Skip, he eats it loudly. Skip Swallows it and burps loudly. Razor is disgusted by Skip's belch. It is possible Skip loves burping because when he is confused by Razors disgust, he asks whatl So it is possible it is something he loves to do.

Rats make Skip gassy.




Dart Gun



His Kind


Being big


Razor and Tazer

Taking Over plantets

Being Gassy





Being Small

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