Hannah Pearson
 is the youngest child of the Pearson kids, at 7-years-old. She befriends Sparks, a friendly alien unlike the other aliens. Hannah vomits when she is in the middle of the seat. Her cousins and siblings think Sparks is attacking her. But really they are playing with the bubble gun Sparks fixed for Hannah. When Sparks leaves at the end of the film, Hannah asks him to stay. But he shows her a picture of his family, and so she tearfully says goodbye to her alien friend. She calls Sparks, "Snuggle Lump".


Hannah is Cuddly, Adorable and cute and loves the attention of her family. Apearance hannah really is smaller and short then tom she has dark brown long hair and fair skin her outfit is purple tshirt blue shorts and white sneakers in the night it is blue