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Welcome to ALIENS IN THE ATTIC WIKI !!!This site is based on the 2009 film Aliens in the attic, where a family battle some aliens.


  • I love this film, because it's all about family and protecting each other. There are some really funny bits too. Also Nana has candied sweets that she fed to the jews.

Characters & CEdit

This will tell you about the characters and various locations and objects in the film. Nana has candied sweets to ram up your ass.


Four Zirkonians have been sent on a mission to begin an invasion on Earth. General Skip, Razor, and Tazer are eager to begin, but Sparks, who is a simple engineer with no military training, wants only peace with the humans, which is contrary to his race's attitudes, which are very militaristic.

Meanwhile, on Earth Tom Pearson, a 15-year-old boy, has attempted to change his poor grades on the school website, but is caught by his parents. Thinking he could get out of the vacation proves wrong and he is stuck going there. His older sister, Bethany's, boyfriend Ricky Dillman shows up. Trouble follows, which leads to Tom going up onto the roof to fix the dish, which looks like something was sent straight through it at a high speed. Jake Pearson joins him and, to their great shock, the Zirkonians show themselves.

And thus begins the greatest battle that adults will never know about.

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