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Welcome to ALIENS IN THE ATTIC WIKI !!!This site is based on the 2009 film Aliens in the attic, where a family battle some aliens.


  • I love this film, because it's all about family and protecting each other. There are some really funny bits too.

Characters & COEdit

This will tell you about the characters and various locations and objects in the film.


Tom used to be a geek, but he didn't want people to call him that, so he let his grades slide.

Tom's family, including Hannah, Bethany, and his parents were going on a vacation from Chicago with his uncle's family, including Nana, Art PearsonLee, (his twin), and Jake Pearson. At the beggining, Jake and Tom fight over a room that Tom went to first.

"I'm older than you."

"I'm taller than you."

They then make peace when Jake hands Tom a tomato sauce shooting gun and asks if he wants Ricky Dillman, Bethany's boyfriend to become his brother-in-law. Tom says no, and they plan to ambush Ricky. "Let's prune the family tree."

Jake is in a grass disguise, so Tom gets caught instead and Bethany gets upset with Tom for shooting her boyfriend.

Suddenly, the television goes haywire, and Ricky offers to fix it. But Ricky says that he needs a helper: Tom.

Ricky opens the window to the roof and tells Tom to get in. Tom says "You told dad that you would fix the television.".

"I told your dad many things. That I have a lake. That my car was broken. That I was 18 years old."

"You're not a senior?" Ricky forces Tom out, and Tom finds Jake. Then, both of them see the aliens, and they're planning to attack them. Ricky goes through the window and gets confused. The aliens fire a mind-control dart at them and they use the remote control to test him. Ricky grabs the boys and attempts to kill them, but they wriggle free and beg Hannah, Lee, and Art to open the window, which was locked.

The 5 run down the stairs, and Tom and Jake get hit by mind control darts. However, they didn't get affected, and realized that children wouldn't get controled and Ricky would because he was 22 years old. They manage to trap the aliens in the attic.

[If you think this is a spoiler for the begginning, then remove it.]h

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